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The Wonder of the Animal Kingdom


The number one fact about Bio Marinus is that we need not know everything about plants or animals, above or under the sea. We just need our willingness to lean and to do our work diligently. We all know how diverse the flora and fauna of the world is.


Even if we would devote our whole time and energy into it, we still have a lot to go deeper and learn and appreciate about the Creations of our God. We know that everything we see has its beginning and we cannot deny that it was made with intelligence. Every time we look at a creature, we would be left in awe in how it was designed with wisdom and for some, with a bit of humour. Meditating on such things can help us deepen our appreciation on how intelligent our Creator is.


The wonderful diversity of the animal kingdom is really an evidence that we have a purpose in life. Looking at how beautiful and majestic and delicate the creatures around us can help us realize how powerful our Grand Creator is and we owe him a big thanks. How can we show such appreciation? Let us find out in our own time. 


© Deena Perin.